Sunday, 30 March 2014

Gala preparation

We have been busy making bee magnets to sell at the gala.

We enjoyed making the candles as the beeswax smells so delicious!

We had to make the candles outside in the warmth of the sun so the beeswax didn't break. 

We made flowers on sticks to put in pot plants. 
We are excited to have our own stall at the gala. We will be selling all these neat handmade products and delicious honey from the Bee Lady. We are happy that we can help to raise money for our school and share what we have learnt this term about bees.


  1. Well done room5 how did you make the candles it mast of taken a long time to make it.

  2. It did take us awhile Matthew as we had to warm up the wax by laying it out in the sun. When it was soft enough to roll we put the wick onto the wax and rolled it up inside. They turned out a lot bigger then we thought they were going to be. They were popular for customers at the gala as they loved the natural smell of the beeswax.