Friday, 21 March 2014

Bee Keeper Visit

Listening to Bee Keeper Chris. 

Chris in his Bee Keeper gear.
To protect him from getting stung he wears rubber gloves and gumboots. He has a special hat that attaches to the body suit that he wears. The bees can try to sting him but their stinger wont get through the material. 

Special scraping tool used to clean the hive.

Chris explaining how the smoker calms the bees down.
They think their hive is on fire so they race around eating all the honey.
They get rather full and slow down.  

Chris brought us some bees wax to make candles. 

Chris has hives all over Auckland. He brought us one of his hives to look at. The Queen bee lives in the bottom hive. The hive has a hole where the bees can get in and out. 

Chris showed us the different ways that you can make the frame. 

This is a new way using plastic.

Chris used his tool to scrape the honey the bees have made on the frame. 

We had a go at pumping the smoker.

We tried on an old style bee keepers hat. Chris likes this one as it protects you from the sun. The new hats they make you need to put sunscreen on as the sun comes through the mesh at the top.

Trying on gloves.

Holding scraping tool.

Putting the frame back in the hive. 


  1. Well done! Was it fun having a bee keeper visit? I hope you had fun with him.
    Did you learn heaps?

    1. We had a lot of fun Anthony! Korbyn loved trying on the bee keepers gear. Holly really liked pumping the smoker. Bee keepers use the smoker to calm bees down. We learnt so much about what a bee keeper does it was a great lesson.

  2. That must have been fun, wish I was there. How many types of bees are there?

  3. We think that NZ has 28 native bee species. It was a really great lesson we were buzzing with new information after it.